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Welcome to my New App!!

Hi guys,

Welcome to my brand-new Anne Geddes app – a safe place where you can easily upload and store all of your precious images, as well as share them with friends and family. What sets us apart from other photo apps is that here you’ll be part of a new Anne Geddes Community where I’m personally involved. I and my team will be available to provide helpful input on your photography and how you can make your images even better.

You’ll have peace of mind that your images will be safely backed up in the cloud, making redundant any of your previous storage locations. Simply click on the menu, then click Albums to create your first album and then upload your images. Also, visit our store to order products such as prints, canvases and a whole variety of other items showcasing your own favorite images of loved ones.

I’ll be writing a regular blog, not just with photography tips, but also insights as to how I got involved with photography and what continues to inspire me today. I’ll share behind the scenes anecdotes from my nearly 35-year career and look forward to hearing your own personal stories as well. Share some of your own favorite photographs with me, and I’d love to hear stories of your own personal experiences of parenting from around the world.

Thank you for trialing my new app free for the first 30 days. Upload as many images as you want and order whatever you desire from the store. And if you decide you’d like to stay, the fee is only $4.99 per month from then on. I’m so excited for this new opportunity to share with everyone and look forward to all of us continuing to explore the wonder of photography, the joy of storytelling and sharing images and memories to last forever.

with love

XO Anne

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