Anne Geddes Mobile App Help

  1. From the menu select “Create New Album”
  2. In the Description Box enter a name for this new album
  3. Select a date in the date box
  4. Click “Create”
  5. Next select “Upload Images”
  6. It will prompt you to allow the app to access your photos. 
  7. Allow the app to do so
  8. The next screen will open your camera roll. 
  9. Select the images you want to go into the album by clicking on them.
  10. When finished select “Done”
  11. The app then puts the images into a modified version of your camera roll. 
  12. The next 3 screens take you through the process to select the images out of the camera roll.
  13. After the 3rd screen of instructions, click “Continue”
  14. Click the camera roll
  15. It then will show you the images you selected. 
  16. For confirmation click the images to confirm them. 
  17. They will become shaded with a blue check mark in the top right hand corner.
  18. When finished click “Done”
  19. The app will then upload the images selected. 
  20. Once finished uploading them it will show the images in the album. 
  21. You can then upload more images, share with Guest, select favorites, open them in the folder, auto play them or download them. 

Open any image and tap on the 3 dots in the top right corner of the image.

Tap “Share on Anne’s Joy Page”

Simply follow the prompts to submit your image.

Your image will first be reviewed by either Anne or a member of her team within 48 hours.


Once approved it will be visible on the Joy Board.

Open any image and tap on the 3 dots in the top right corner of the image.

Select Social Share

Click either Twitter, Facebook or Pinterest

It will prompt you to log into your social media platform first


Then follow the prompts to upload your image to the social media platform

Open any image and tap on the 3 dots in the top right corner of the image

Here you can Download, Modify the Image Folders, Social Share, Share on Anne’s Joy Page or Hide the image in the Album.

Select The Store Category from the main menu

Select which product category you would like to order, Prints, Enlargements, Canvas, Metal, Acrylic, Wall Décor, Blankets, Drinkware, Home & Office or Phone Cases.

Select the size or specific product

Add it to cart

Select the image to go on the product or print. That action will open up your album. Click the image

You can Swap the Photo if you like or Set the Crop and Options.

Crop is required before checkout so click “Set Crop option”

You can then Zoom in, or out, make any notes for the production staff and click Check Out

Enter the requested info in the Secure Checkout

Click Guest

Click Create New (Invitation Links)

Enter info for the Guest Invitation, Email, Name, First and Last

Then click Send Email. (Your guest will receive an email with instructions on how to see the images you have shared. They will be able to view your shared album and order products only free of charge)

Here you can access the Terms of Use and Privacy Policies

You can email Anne at

You can access our FAQs

You can find the version number of the app and build number

Here you can edit your username and change your password.

You can Edit your Personal Info

You can Add, Modify and Remove Family Members

You can update your saved credit card information used for ordering products

You can see your Account Status. This tells you when your free trial will expire and gives you the option to upgrade to a paid subscription

You can edit your opt-in status for newsletters and promotions

You can edit your shipping addresses

Here you can see the items in your shopping cart and finish the checkout process.

For more info on ordering see Our Products instruction in the FAQs.