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Hi guys,

This past week I’ve spent mainly at my computer, writing an article for a gorgeous monthly photographic publication called “Shutter Magazine”. They asked me to give 5 tips for photographing children (gawd, this is kind of like how long is a piece of string). Their June issue each year is called “The Children’s Edition” and last year they used one of my “Under the Sea” images for their cover (it’s here on my windowsill so I photographed it for you). And guess what? Another of my images will grace the cover of this year’s edition! But I digress.

In between writing I made sure to take breaks for walks in the parks of Lower Manhattan where we’re currently living – I just love this time of year if you’re in the northern hemisphere – Spring! – and daffodils are everywhere. Not to mention the trees in full bloom … the craziness of white and pink explosions of color aren’t great for my sinuses, but it’s well worth it! I took a video on my phone yesterday that I thought you might enjoy.

I was walking in what’s called The Battery – way down at the bottom of Manhattan where the tourist boats go over to the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island and it was overcast and drizzly. But that’s often the best time to photograph because color becomes more saturated and intense. Remember this when you’re out and about with your own camera – bright sunlight doesn’t necessarily translate to your images in the same way you see it with your eyes. So anyway, I came home and showed my video to Kel (my husband) and next thing he stole it for his Instagram! That’s @kelg47 by the way. Ha! Now I’ve exposed him 🙂

Oops, I was really going to write this blog about the 5 tips but that’s ok, that’s what I’ll do next time!

with love

XO Anne

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